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Bats Sharp Shooters!

December 2022, a group of us visited the Barbury Shooting Range for a taster session of acoustic rifle shooting.  This involves special equipment which enables visually impaired people to take part in rifle shooting by wearing headphones to hear a sound which indicates where the target is.  As the tone increases in pitch, the closer the rifle is aimed at the bullseye. 


We arrived at 11 am and enjoyed tea and coffee while the equipment was set up for us. 


Charlie, who coordinated with Bats member Kay to organise this event, gave us a brief talk about the equipment and gun safety.  There were two rifles set up so a pair of us could have a go at the same time.  Only one of our group managed to hit a bullseye but some of us were very close. 


It is hoped that another taster session will be organised so that those who were unable to come along this time, can have a go on an alternative date.  It is also hoped that an acoustic rifle shooting club can be set up in Swindon and that some of our members will play in a national league. 


Thank you to Charlie, Liz, Jason and Paul, who travelled from Lincoln and Birmingham to visit us with their equipment, for organising this event.


Thank you also to Kay, who coordinated with Charlie to make this event possible.


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Open Door Centre

On 3 November a team from the Open Door Centre joined us at Tenpin Swindon to enjoy some tenpin bowling.  Once balls were chosen, and drinks and food were purchased, the bowling began at 7 pm.


During the first game, there was lots of excitement as strikes and spares were scored for both teams.  At the end of this game, the score was a draw at 2 games each.


There then came a short break when glasses were refilled, before we started again for the second game.  Again, lots of strikes and spares were scored on both sides.  The Open Door Centre team were happy to try bowling using our simulation glasses for part of the games.


At the end of the second game the score was 6 games to Swindon Bats and 2 to the Open Door Centre.  I am sure everyone had a good time.


The teams were:


Open Door Centre: Andrew, David, Nathan, Thomas, Mark, Natalie, Matthew, and Angie.


Swindon Bats:        Peter, Sue, Shaun, Pat, Glynn, Maisy, Russ, and Andy.


Perhaps we will do it all again next year – here’s hoping!



Another match with our friends at the Zurich Community Trust was played on 29 September. 


All bowlers and helpers met at the usual time of 6.45 pm and play began at 7. 


There were lots of strikes and spares scored for both teams with much banter between players.  At the end of game 1 the score was 2.5 to ZCT and 1.5 to Swindon Bats.


After a short break, play began again.  Again, many strikes and spares were scored and at the end of the second game the score was 6.5 to ZCT and 1.5 to Swindon Bats. 


In both games, during frames 4, 5, 6 and 7, ZCT's players were encouraged to wear glasses which simulate various eye conditions.  A couple of them even wore a blindfold to see what it is like for someone who sees nothing at all. 


Congratulations to Mark Flay and his team!  The teams were:


Swindon Bats – Pat, Georgia, Stuart, Tom, Peter, Russ, Andy, and Sue.


ZCT – Caroline, Nicky, Suzanne, Elizabeth, John, Rebecca, James, and Mark.


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Superheroes Series 2022


Zurich Community Trust invited members of Swindon Bats to demonstrate their bowling skills at the Super Heroes Series event in Dorney Lake, near Windsor, on 20 August. 


ZCT organised a bus to take Andy, Russ, Pete and Sue to this event along with members of the Open Door Centre, Swindon, and volunteers from ZCT. 


Members of the Open Door Centre were taking part in sporting activities and, as one of them had to register for his race by 9.15 am, we had an early start with the bus leaving Swindon by 7.40 am. 


We arrived just in time for registration and found that a portable skittles alley had been hired and constructed for the event. 


The idea was for us to show anyone interested how visually impaired people bowl.  Sighted visitors had to wear the simulation glasses or a blindfold so that they had some idea of how it is for us. 


Many people visited us including children and wheelchair users who all enjoyed giving it a go. 


The highlight of the day was meeting Clare Balding who was there to film the event, highlights of which will be shown on Channel 4 at 8.30 am on 4 September and will be available on All 4 afterwards. Clare was filmed wearing simulation glasses and having a go at knocking skittles down. 


We arrived back in Swindon at around 6.45 pm feeling tired but happy to have had a successful and enjoyable day.


Thank you to Mark Flay for inviting us to volunteer at this event.  For more information about Super Heroes Series visit Superheroes Series.


See more pictures in our gallery.


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