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NBTBA Winter Trios Competition 2017-18

This competition is about to start.   Click here for details.

Zurich Match – 7th September 2017

On Thursday evening, 7 September, we played the 3rd match of the year against friends of the Zurich Community Trust.  I have it on good authority that only one member of the Zurich team actually works for Zurich with 4 of their players being employed by Thames Water. 

As usual, the match began at 7 pm and the opposition used simulation glasses on frames 4, 5 6 and 7 of each game.  Neil and Pat managed to score strikes whilst wearing a blindfold- how did that happen?! 

After a lot of banter, and strikes and spares being scored on both sides, the match ended in a win for Zurich, 5 games to 3. 

Highest score for the Zurich team was 132 scored by Maggie.  Highest score for the Swindon Bats team was 139 scored by both Shaun and Stuart.  The teams were:

Zurich:  Nick, Harriet, Tracey, Morgan, Neil, Pat, Maggie and Vili

Bats:      Diana, Sue, Tracey, Andrea, Georgia, Glynn, Shaun and Stuart

Click here for photos

Tom Ferguson Memorial Competition 2017-18

Tom was a jolly Scotsman who could always put a smile on our faces. He enjoyed tenpin bowling and was very disappointed when he had to give it up in 2015. He was a very popular member of Swindon Bats.

The competition for 2017-18 is in full swing.

Click here for the competition rules and current league table

NBTBA Summer Doubles 2017

Summer is coming and the NBTBA Doubles competition has started.

  Click here for the full details

Sue Mead Wins National Singles Knock-Out Competition!

Congratulations to Sue who won her final game against David Evans of Morcambe 434 to 402.

Click here to see Sue receiving her trophy.


It's getting so crowded here that we have had to start an archive page.

Re-live highlights from our history!

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Monday Club 2017

The Monday Club meets once a fortnight for chat, a cuppa and fun and games. Dates for 2017 can be found on our activities page.



Free membership to the Registered Blind or Visually Impaired.


Sighted Volunteers Needed!


At present the club only has two sighted volunteers to help as Pin Spotters when we play tenpin bowling. Pin Spotters tell us what pins we have knocked down and which ones remain standing. They also help with finding balls and putting them away again. They may also be required to guide someone who does not see well enough to find their way around. If you are available for a few hours on Wednesday afternoons and would like to help and make new friends, please contact us.



Swindon Bats are just like you,
The only difference is what we view,
We’re men & women with different levels of sight,
Anything from an impairment to dark as night,
We often meet for coffee go on outings and trips,
Learn about new technology and share useful tips,
We have a wide range of ages from 18 to mature,
Using guide dog’s white canes to sticks and more,
But the best thing of all is we Tenpin Bowl every week,
In a national blind league True as we speak,
We’ve been National Champions more than once come 2nd and 3rd too,
We often win medals, and cups well we’ve won a few,
We bowl against local companies like Zurich and Nationwide,
Capita Lloyds Bank and others besides,
It’s all for fun to show how life still goes on,
Despite our disability when God’s mould went wrong,
So if life sometimes seems tough unfair and unkind,
Pick up a Bowling Ball as it works for the Blind.

Good Luck!

The Blind Poet

Simon B



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